Friday, November 4, 2011

Students saw some familiar NE Shakespeare faces in some not-so-familiar ways during Omaha Symphony's "Celebrate Creativity"

From November 1-4, NS On Tour Costume Designer, Lydia Dawson, and Director of Production, Wesley Houston, served as presenters at the Omaha Symphony and Joslyn Museum's annual "Celebrate Creativity" program.

 Over the four days, Dawson and Houston held seven hands-on theatrical makeup seminars for 185 middle school students and 37 high school students.

 During the seminars, students were shown how to use theatrical makeup including cross-gendering techniques, aging, and basic corrective methods, but the students favorite activity was creating zombies; the wounded and bruised walking dead.

"We came expecting to show the basics of stage make-up," Houston said, "but the kids wanted to be corpses. You gotta give them what they want."