Thursday, April 18, 2013

Daily Dose of Bard: Shakespeare In The News

Buckley and the Bard; new musical The Last Goodbye, fuses R&J with the music of Jeff Buckley. (via TheatreMania)

The New York Shakespeare Exchange will be adapting 154 sonnets into videos. (via Mediabistro)

Shakespeare for corporate takeover? (via Washington Post)

Was Shakespeare a schoolmaster during his 'lost years'? Historians in Titchfield say yes. (via The Times of India)

Shakespeare can bite his thumb at naysayers.  A study proves he was right! (via The Telegraph)

And in the world of naysayers, the debate of whether Shakespeare wrote the plays attributed to him may never end, but a group of scholars have banded together to prove that he did.  (via The Guardian)

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