Friday, April 12, 2013

Governor Proclaims April 23rd, 2013 as Talk Like Shakespeare Day

- Whereas, in honour of the 449th anniversary of the birth of one William Shakespeare, and the 27th Season of Nebraska Shakespeare, known for its professional, free outdoor productions of Shakespeare’s plays.

- Whereas, Shakespeare’s use of Early Modern English may not be familiar to us, it is not unknown. His eloquence and mastery of language should be remembered and enjoyed today.

- Whereas, we encourage one and all to engage their families, schools, and diverse community partners in hearing and understanding Shakespeare’s work.

- Therefore Be It Resolved that I, Governor Dave Heineman, do hereby proclaim Monday the 23rd of April to be ‘Talk Like Shakespeare Day’ across the great state of Nebraska.

- And Be It Further Resolved to Read a Play, Enact a Scene, Quote a Line. But most importantly - Speak’st thou with love on thy lips and full life in thy heart!

Check out our Talk Like Page for activities, events, contests, and tips.

1 comment:

  1. My dear husband, Ed (Sandy) Rauchut, a Shakespearean, died last year in April. We had our ups and downs, more ups than downs and to quote Shakespeare "I would not have given it for a wilderness of mondeys" --Shylock from Merchant of Venice.
    Love, always. Alway, love. Ilga