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           Omaha Gives is right around the corner, since there are so many wonderful organizations to donate to tomorrow, I am going to give you some reasons to make Nebraska Shakespeare an organization on your giving list for May 22nd, 2013.

Reason to Give #1:
Every Spiderman bedsheet needs its day in the Sun
Camp Shakespeare offers opportunities for students to explore all aspects of theatre and Shakespeare.
Through our two weeks of camp our creative instructors produce fun and inventive ways of making Shakespeare accessible and understandable to their students.  Above is just an example of a student taking the bold (and hilarious) choice to play the epic role of Brutus in a Spiderman sheet proving that Shakespeare can be fun, silly and his characters can shoot webs from their wrists. 

Reason to Give #2:
Shakespeare on the Go!
After 7 years of touring, Nebraska Shakespeare OnTour has reached over 50,000 students.  
50,000th attendee Matt Cummins and 50,001st Attendee- Genna Cottrell with the cast of Julius Caesar at
Bellevue East High School (10/10/2012)
Many of our performances are funded by sponsors and generous donations just like Omaha Gives.  We have reached so many schools and communities and we can't wait to get back on the road this October, with Twelfth Night

Reason to Give #3:
Shakespeare in a classroom doesn't need to induce sleep
Along with our OnTour programming we offer workshops about Shakespeare's Text, Acting and Stage Combat

These workshops are aimed at showing students and teachers that Shakespeare isn't boring, but it can actually be a lot of fun.  (P.S. The lovely students at Brownell-Talbot in the bottom picture are not sleeping through the workshop, they are learning how to "melt" to the ground safely after receiving a stage punch)

Reason to Give #4:
Medieval Weapon+Kids= Education!
Stage Combat Tutorials will be a part of Shakespeare on the Green's Shakesperience Tent

The Shakesperience tent has been a presence On The Green for years, but this year we thought that we would add Stage Combat training to the list of activities   So grab you sister, your dad or your wife and head to the Shakesperience Tent this summer and learn how to create your own epic sword fight.

Reason to Give #5:
As we all know it gets super hot outside- so if we get enough money donated we could provide mini air conditioning units to every patron in the park
(Actual picture during opening night of The Comedy of Errors in 2012)
They only run about $50 per person with an average of 2,000 people a night, we just need $100,000!  Come on people, dig into your pockets for SUMMER COMFORT!!

Have a Great Wednesday!
Sarah Carlson-Brown
Director of Education

PS: Listen to NET Radio's Friday Live! at 10am this Friday, May 24th to hear the WINNING 2013 SONNETS!!

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