Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In case you missed it

            The Omaha's Theatre Arts Guild published an article in their monthly newsletter about Nebraska Shakespeare's upcoming On The Green productions, Twelfth Night and Titus Andronicus.
Here it is- in case you missed it.


Taglines- The newsletter of the Theatre Arts Guild
Nebraska Shakespeare to do Titus Andronicus
by Tressa Eckermann

         Beginning as a nonprofit organization in September of 1986, the Nebraska Shakespeare Festival always tries to find a new way to bring Shakespeare to the community. This year’s productions will be Twelfth Night and the rarely produced Titus Andronicus.

         Vincent Carlson-Brown has spent fourteen years with the company but this is his first year acting as artistic director for the company. In addition to his work he is also directing Titus Andronicus. The company, although only having five year-round employees, plans to hire upwards of 150 people during the show’s production; including actors, designers, and technicians. Often, they have about 50 volunteers for staff and park maintenance and operate through donors and grants year round. Every season is planned three years in advance and Carlson-Brown said that they are planning their 2017 season.

          For Carlson-Brown his new season has been a way to provide new experiences for the people who come out and for the people involved in the activities.

         “One of my goals has been to explore plays we’ve never done before,” he says. His new goal is to one day perform all of Shakespeare’s 37 works – both traditionally and by speaking to modern audiences with interesting show concepts. To reach this goal they are approaching Twelfth Night as a Seuss punk musical with modern songs by the likes of Queen and Carly Rae Jepsen.

          Carlson-Brown thinks that Titus Andronicus will be an interesting choice for viewers. Even though it’s one of Shakespeare lesser performed plays it is widely considered one of his best and was one of his most popular when first written. Carlson-Brown feels like there is the same “thirst for revenge fantasy” style entertainment that there once was. “It’s a great play in terms of language,” Carlson-Brown adds.

          In addition to the two plays there will be multiple workshops available and events for children.    “We’re one of four events that offer free admission,” Carlson-Brown says. “Things like Shakespeare on the Green is a real community event. We also manage to do high quality work for theatre lovers but it’s still accessible.”

         You can learn more about Nebraska Shakespeare’s work and for details about their upcoming events please visit their website here. Shakespeare on the Green runs from June 20th to July 7th."

          Thank You to TAG for all they do to support Omaha Theatre.

Have a Great Wednesday,
Sarah Carlson-Brown
Director of Education

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