Friday, April 10, 2015

Talk Like Shakespeare - AT SCHOOL edition

It's almost Talk Like Shakespeare Day.  Here are some
ways to participate at your school
Announce It! Invite students, teachers, and
staff to participate in Talk Like Shakespeare Day!

(Shakespearean Announcement)
Classroom Resources:

-Share and discuss the Talk Like Shakes Cheat-Sheet with your class.
-Discuss the Pronouns used in Early Modern English and apply
them to contemporary sentences.
-Hand out THIS LIST of 450 words coined by Shakespeare.
-Hand out the Shakespeare Insult Sheet and have students pick
a word from each column preceded by "Thou".
Make Your Own Shakespearean Ruff (Collar)

Three feet of adding machine paper
(you can also cut regular paper to 2" wide and tape it together)

Thin ribbon
(or string, or the tape from a now-redundant VHS)

A single-hole puncher

Fold the adding machine paper, accordion-style, about 2 inches
per fold. When folded, punch a hole in the middle of the paper.
Thread ribbon through the hole. Then, wrap ruff around
your neck and tie ribbon at the back.
Make your William Shakespeare Mask!

Write a Sonnet!
Try your hand at writing a sonnet (here's how).  
Do it for fun or enter our Sonnet Contest

After School, visit eCreamery for a deal on ice cream,
just for talking Like Shakespeare! Or visit another of our
Bard's Bargains Participants for deals on April 23rd

Or, make up your own way to participate in 
Talk Like Shakespeare Day, like our friends at King Science did.

Don't forget to join us this summer for As You Like It and Othello 
at Shakespeare On The Green. June 18th through July 5th. LEARN MORE

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