Friday, April 10, 2015

Talk Like Shakespeare - AT WORK edition!

Talk Like Shakespeare Day is just around the corner.  
(How to Talk Like Shakespeare)

Here are a handful of ways to get in on the event
even if you're stuck  working:
Bid "good morrow" to the folks at Starbucks and
start your day off with a free coffee. Or visit another of our
many Bard's Bargains Participants for deals
throughout the day.
Inspire your coworkers with Shakespeare's words
or have fun insulting one another!
-10 Quotes for the Entrepreneur
-Shakespearean Insult Generator
Challenge yourself during a break with the
Shakespeare Crossword Puzzle
Create your own William Shakespeare Mask!

Or just have fun talking like Shakespeare!

Don't forget to join us this summer for As You Like It and Othello 
at Shakespeare On The Green.  June 18th through July 5th. LEARN MORE

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