Thursday, November 5, 2015

Director's Reading 2015 - CORIOLANUS

We hope that you will join us for this year's addition to 

the Director's Reading Series: Coriolanus

No sets. No costumes. No lights. 
Enjoy a glass of wine and an intimate engagement between 
the actors, the audience, and the text.

November 15, 2015 - 3:00 PM

Corkscrew Wine and Cheese (and Shakespeare!)

3908 Farnam Street - Free Admission

A discussion follows outlining important themes, challenges of production, and conceptual 
interpretations. The Reading Series is an opportunity for our audience to hear the rarely-produced works of William Shakespeare, presented by Nebraska Shakespeare actors, and engage in dialogue about the play with the Artistic Director.

About The Text from Artistic Director, Vincent Carlson-Brown:

Coriolanus, Roman warrior, returns home after his latest
victory over the rebel Volsces. Pride. Duty.

The Senate quickly makes a motion to elect him Consul of Rome, but 
Coriolanus, uneasy with the accolades, shuns praise and
turns away from the noise of the people. Ego? Vanity?

The people of Rome, tired of the temperament of their hero,
banish him from the city. Civility. Politics.

Coriolanus turns against the nation for which he bears a dozen scars, and
joins with the enemy Volsces in a march to bring war and
destruction upon the Romans. Betrayal. Consequence.

The fate of a government, a nation, a people is tied to
the impulses of a single man. Revenge. Or Mercy?

The Actors:

Chloe Armao, Sarah Carlson-Brown, Vincent Carlson-Brown,
Konrad Case, Susie Collins, Raydell Cordell III, Jamie Fields,
Mallory Freilich, Stephanie Jacobson, Anna Jordan, Matt Olsen,
Gordon Spencer, Kabin Thomas, and Nick Zadina,

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