Sunday, June 19, 2016

Shakespeare On The Green kicks off Thursday

June 23-26, July 6, 8, 10
Directed by Amy Lane

Bring your family, your date, your pals and pets for a
magical evening of exceptional theatre. Consider our

Prairie Fire Pizza, made fresh right on site.
Tap Dancer's Coffee Shop.
International, hot and iced, and tasty
sweet & savory croissants.
And what better dessert than
delicious kettle corn - very addictive -
from Lauren Beth's Popcorn.

Commemorate the plays, 30th season, and add to
your fall wardrobe for when the weather turns chilly.

Check-out it out. From "Fear Boys with Bugs,
"Spit in the Hole, Man, and Tune Again" to "Kurosawa". . .
6:30 PM at the Education Stage.

Will's Best Friend Contest, enter and vote often after June 23Over $100 worth of prizes. We love your photos.

Save The Date for Macbeth Over Midnight
Tuesday, July 5th.


Saturday, June 4, 2016

2016 Winning Sonnets Announced

Thank you to everyone who entered the 19th annual Anne Dittrick Sonnet Writing Contest.  After reading over 100 sonnets from adult and student writers, they had to narrow it down to the following three winning sonnets:

Adult/Post-Secondary Sonnet Winner

A Sonnet To Our Dad
By Barbara Van Dyke

To us you were almighty as you tilled
Away the dismal gray of winter's scene
In spring it seemed you lit the sun and willed
The rain to wash the fields in friendly green

When summer bloomed in shades of purple hay
You breathed its scent and caused the southern breeze
To blow and warm the tender stalks of May
Which grew from seeds you spared from April's freeze

In fall you seemed to halt the setting sun
Until the hay was baled and brought inside
Day lingered late until the work was done
And cribs with golden grains were filled and dried

We saw your might in all that you could do
Now we can do, for we have learned from you.

High School Sonnet Winner

Do You Remember This November?
By Julia Briones

Some years ago, in confidence, I told
A friend of hours I spent admiring you.
She fled my side, betrayed my trust so bold.
The very ears not meant to hear soon knew…

Thus ridiculed, sentenced to shame, I fell.
Despite all that, you lent a caring hand,
A friendship promptly bloomed—again, I fell.
Secrets and laughs alike we shared all grand

A reverie of years did waltz on past,
Each wore its own unique color and dress,
But when you came of riper age, you cast
It all aside in spite of my distress.

Although my wounds did heal with Time, I muse,
What mind-erasing medicine you use.

Middle School Sonnet Winner

Curse the Sonnets!
By Kellen McLaughlin

Why does Shakespeare always write in this way?
Was he precise or merely just insane?
Iambic pentameter makes me gray.
This choppy meter scrambles up my brain. 

I never can create a clever rhyme.
I cannot think; my mind is blank and dry.
I try forever, wasting all my time. 
Preferably, I’d rather sit and die.

And if you think that rhyming’s hard enough,
Try cramming ten syllables in one line.
It’s pure torture, for fitting rules is tough. 
It’s either eleven beats or just nine. 

Shakespeare, that loon, with his eccentric style.
I curse the sonnets, they are cruel and vile.

Read honorable mentions on our website.
Be sure to join us for Shakespeare On The Green,
June 23-26, 30, July 1-3, 5-10.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

10th Annual Will's Best Friend Pet Costume Contest!

CALLING ALL PETS (and their humans)

In its tenth season, the Will's Best Friend Pet Costume Contest
is now accepting entries. Owners can submit their pets in their best
Shakespearean costume and you get to vote for the winner.
How to Enter
1. Take a photo of your pet in best Shakespearean costume.
2. CLICK HERE to submit the photo on or before June 23rd.
There is no fee/purchase necessary to enter. You and your pet must be able to
attend the contest finals to be considered for the top title: Will's Best Friend 2016
3. Vote and tell your friends to vote!
How Voting Works
On June 24th, access to the contestants' (pets') photos will be available
via Nebraska Shakespeare's Facebook Page.
You and your friends can vote (one vote per Facebook user, per day).
Voting will close on July 1st and the three contestants with the most votes
will be invited to the finals at Shakespeare On The Green
on Wednesday, July 6th, 2016.
Top Awards
Contestants must be able to attend finals to be eligible for a Top Award
Will's Best Friend
(Overall Highest Score in the Competition)
Prize: $50 Gift Certificate to Long Dog, Fat Cat (+swag for your pet)
First Runner-Up
(Second Highest Score in the Competition)
Prize: $30 Gift Certificate to Long Dog, Fat Cat (+swag for your pet)
Second Runner-Up
(Third Highest Score in the Competition)
Prize: $20 Gift Certificate to Long Dog, Fat Cat (+swag for your pet)
"Judges' Favorites" Awards
Just because you don't win a Top Award, doesn't mean you can't win!
Favorite Taming of the Shrew Themed Costume
Favorite Macbeth Themed Costume

Favorite Costume - any Shakespearean Play
Purr-fect Costume (favorite cat costume)
Bone-a-fide Awesome (favorite dog costume)
Most Exotic
Most Photogenic
Most Glamorous
Pet Safety Rules
  • Pets must be on a leash. Nebraska Shakespeare is not responsible for the actions of your pet. Pets must be under control at all times.
  • Pets must be current on vaccinations.
  • Pets should be sociable with other animals, adults, and children and not aggressive about food, toys or owner.
  • Pets must be comfortable in a loud and festive environment. Please be aware of the stress level of your pet at all times. We want this to be a positive experience for everyone.
  • Pets must be at least 4 months old since younger animals have weak or no immune systems.
  • NS reserves the right to refuse entrance or ask to leave anyone whose pet is exhibiting aggressive behavior.
  • Be prepared to clean up after your pet.
Visit our website for more information about The Taming of the Shrew
and Macbeth at Shakespeare On The Green.