Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Nebraska Shakespeare, Creighton, and UNO present A WAR OF ROSES

Nebraska Shakespeare, Creighton University, and the University of Nebraska Omaha
Present “A War Of Roses”
By William Shakespeare, adapted by Vincent Carlson-Brown

(OMAHA, Nebraska) As part of the 30th anniversary of the founding of Nebraska Shakespeare, the theater departments at Creighton University and the University of Nebraska at Omaha are presenting A WAR OF ROSES. An original, two-part retelling of William Shakespeare's Henry 6 Trilogy, A WAR OF ROSES: (part 1) Foreign Flames and A WAR OF ROSES: (part 2) A Fire Within will be a first-of-its-kind collaboration. Both productions will feature casts and production teams comprised of faculty and students from both Creighton and UNO, as well as alumni professionals hired by Nebraska Shakespeare. Over 100 individuals will be involved to make this a reality.

A WAR OF ROSES: (part 1) Foreign Flames will be performed at the University of Nebraska Omaha
(Preview November 2) November 3-5,10 at 7:30 PM; November 6, matinee 2 PM; UNO Theatre Weber Fine Arts

Both plays November 12 & 13:
Part 1: Foreign Flames - matinee performance 2 PM; UNO Theatre Weber Fine Arts
Part 2: A Fire Within - evening performance 7:30 PM; Creighton University Lied Center

Join us for an event between the plays on the 12th only: The Shakespeare Collective Presents: Intermission!
A special gathering before Part 2 for dinner, drinks, and more. Space is limited.

A WAR OF ROSES: (part 2) A Fire Within will be performed at Creighton University - (Preview November 9) November 11, 17-19 at 7:30 PM; November 20, matinee 2 PM; Creighton University Lied Center

For ticket packages please go to

The Henry 6 trilogy bridges the historical gap between Shakespeare’s greatest history plays, Henry 5 and Richard 3.

Foreign Flames begins with Henry 5 and his band of brother’s victory at Agincourt. His reign is tragically short, leaving behind a weak young heir, Henry 6, his resolute queen, Margaret of Anjou, and military reversals as the French army rebounds under the leadership of Joan of Arc. The campaign ends in disaster and the loss of France. In A Fire Within, the political fallout between the Lancasters and the Yorks leads to civil war across England and a popular revolt in London under Jack Cade. The Lancasters of Henry 6 gain the early upper hand, only to suffer catastrophe at Towton, establishing the reign of Edward 4 and the rise of his younger misshapen brother, Richard Plantaganet, Duke of Gloucester. The winter of our discontent is sure to follow.

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