Saturday, January 28, 2017

In The News: ...a splendid midwinter’s night of Shakespeare

The second installment of the Omaha Symphony's Shakespeare festival was an effective and bright complement to the more esoteric first weekend.

Last Day for Camp Shakespeare's Early Bird Pricing

Shakespeare and an "Early Bird"
Camp Shakespeare's Early Bird Special is ending soon...

Camp Shakespeare Apprentice Despairing (with a lovely wig)
  But don't despair....
  There is still time to take advantage of this reduced price 
and join us this Summer for CAMP SHAKESPEARE 2017!!
Camp Shakespeare Jesters Rejoicing!

Two of our 2017
Camp Instructors:
Anna and Chloe
Camp Shakespeare is two weeks of fun activities that include sword fighting, acting training, and workshops with professional actors. The goal of Camp is to help kids discover the magic and fun of the Immortal Bard's text through performance. Teachers and parents have repeatedly noticed a distinct improvement in their children's grades, social skills, and enjoyment of literature after just one summer with Camp Shakespeare.

Camp Shakespeare 2017:
June 26th- July 7th
Performances On The Green:
July 7th (Jesters),  July 8th (Players), & July 9th (Apprentices)

Friday, January 13, 2017

Fighting the Freezing Temps with the Help of Midsummer

Nebraska Shakespeare 
the Omaha Symphony
Mendelssohn: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
January 27th at 7:30pm
Holland Performing Arts Center

Nebraska Shakespeare professional actors will be presenting scene selections from A Midsummer Night’s Dream accompanied by the Omaha Symphony playing Mendelssohn’s cherished score. Each scene will be interwoven with the music, creating a dynamic soundtrack for one of Shakespeare's greatest comedies.

Here is a sneak peak of rehearsals that began this week:

Midsummer First Read Through
(Left to Right: Josh Ryan, Lauren White, Sarah Carlson-Brown, Taylor Jackson, Anna Jordan, Wes Houston, Joe Lullo, and Raydell Cordell III).

Costume Designer, Lindsay Pape, talks through the design with the cast.

Raydell Cordell III (Lysander) and Vincent Carlson-Brown (Puck). 

Midsummer Script, Set Design, Concept Sheets, and Mendelssohn's score.

First Day of Staging. 
Theseus' Court. 
(The ladder is a 16ft climbable tree!)

Helena and Demetrius. 
Oberon looks on from his perch. 

Puck controls the classic lover's fight. 

"You, puppet, you!!"

Omaha Symphony Conductor:
Thomas Wilkins

Nebraska Shakespeare Cast:
Puck/Egeus/Bottom: Vincent Carlson-Brown
Oberon/Theseus: Joe Lullo
Titania/Hippolyta: Lauren Marinelli White
Hermia/Fairy: Anna Jordan
Lysander: Raydell Cordell III
Demetrius: Josh Ryan
Helena: Ashley Spessard

Production Team:
Director/Adaptation: Sarah Carlson-Brown
Stage Manager: Taylor Jackson
Costume Design: Lindsay Pape
Fight Director: Vincent Carlson-Brown
Set Design: Vincent Carlson-Brown
Technical Director: Wesley A. Houston
Scenic Construction: Mark Krejci and Tom Miller

Sunday, January 1, 2017

In The News: Reviewing a Year of Theatre

2016 was Shakespeare time in Omaha, amid world-wide commemorations of his earthly departure 400 years ago. Six plays lived and breathed here. Credit Nebraska Shakespeare for making it so. Moreover, laud Creighton’s Amy Lane for superb interpretations. Her take on June’s presentation On the Green of The Taming of the Shrew filled it with wonderful fun and impeccable interpretations of characters and dialogue. A indelible example of how great these productions can be.