Friday, April 19, 2013

The Object of Art: Weekly Update From the Artistic Director

Every Friday you'll be hearing from me, chatting about the artistic endeavors of Nebraska Shakespeare; providing insight, behind-the-scenes looks, and perhaps even a funny story or two.

I'd like to lead off with a preview of our summer, Shakespeare On The Green, free-admission in Elmwood Park. For the past 26 years we've presented two of Shakespeare's plays free to the public in the natural amphitheatre on the campus of UNOmaha. (2008 being an exception, offering Macbeth exclusively). This June we'll kick off with a quasi-musical Twelfth Night as our 'conceptualized' production, directed by Anthony Clark-Kaczmarek. 

Why Twelfth Night?
'This tune? It gives a very echo to the seat where love is throned.' [II.4]

Twelfth Night is equal parts love triangle, love song, and dance party. It is one of Shakespeare's most accessible, unthreatening and real comedies.   It's characters are eloquent and engaging. It's music and language is romantic and magical.

*Warning*  Due to the ridiculous content and musical nature of the subject matter in Twelfth Night, audience participation is advised.

The following week, we'll premiere Titus Andronicus, Shakespeare's earliest, bloodiest tragedy as a first for Nebraska Shakespeare. I'll be directing the play with a traditional approach (in the period for which it was originally written) as a fictionalized 1st Century AD Rome.

Why Titus Andronicus?
'When will this fearful slumber have an end?' [III.1]

What can be more profitable than watching on the stage a reflection of human life; to be made wise from their example, those who have trod the path of error and danger before us?  How do we choose to connect with each other in light of our most horrible depravity?  How do we re-establish our humanity, and recover from the grief and loss having been through our darkest hours?
Shakespeare asks the questions that can help us discover a truth about ourselves.

*Warning*  Due to the mature content and graphic nature of the subject matter in Titus Andronicus, audience discretion is advised.

We look forward to seeing you On The Green this June and July, and before then- remember 'Talk Like Shakespeare Day' this Tuesday, April 23rd. Day long Bard's Bargains and a culminating event at The Loom- Karaoke Theatre!

Good Friday Gentles,
Vincent CB

“The object of Art is to give life a shape.”

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