Thursday, March 14, 2019

Announcing The Cast of Shakespeare On The Green 2019

A lot of talented performers turned out to this season's auditions and we're excited to announce the cast of Shakespeare On The Green 2019:

All's Well That Ends Well

Margaret Catov  King of France
Madison Roman  Duke of Florence
Tolu Ekisola  Bertram
Amelia Ampuero  Lafeu
Katie Becker Colón  Parolles

Hannah Clark  Reynaldo
Roshni Desai  Lavatch

Tricia Mancuso Parks  Countess Rousillon
Sophie Netanel  Helena
Ann Marie Pollard  Widow Capilet
Anna Jordan  Diana
Suzanne Withem  Mariana

Miranda Neuhaus  Young Dumaine
Chloe Irwin  Younger Dumaine
Genevieve Simon  Soldier One
Danielle Robertson  Soldier, Ensemble
Sophie Knauss  Soldier, Ensemble
Vivian Parr  Soldier, Ensemble

The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Genevieve Simon  Hamlet
Martin Thomas Andrews  Claudius
Margaret Catov  Gertrude
Henry Ragan  Horatio

Tricia Mancuso Parks  Polonius
Sophie Netanel  Laertes
Katie Becker Colón  Ophelia

Frank Green  Ghost, Gravedigger, Player King
Roshni Desai  Bernardo, Ensemble
Ann Marie Pollard  Marcellus, Player, Ensemble
Tolu Ekisola  Rosencrantz, Ensemble
Shaan Sharma  Guildenstern, Ensemble

Hannah Clark  Voltimand, Osric, Ensemble
Amelia Ampuero  Cornelius, Player Queen, Ensemble
Danielle Robertson  Fortinbras, Ensemble
Jacob J. Roman  Captain, Ensemble
Vivian Parr  Ensemble

Shakespeare On The Green will hold performances from June 20th through July 7th, 2019. For more information, visit


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